Apple M1 3D View Quick Dmx

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Apple M1 3D View Quick Dmx

Postby Gabriel » 26 August 2021, 08:53

I have a problem with a 3 D View when I start the Lightshow is Very Slow to see the Light in the 3D View.
Can you Help me please?
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Re: Apple M1 3D View Quick Dmx

Postby LightningFM » 26 August 2021, 13:15

If by "very slow" you refer to the framerate, try right-clicking in the visualizer -> 3D Settings -> "Max authorized FPS" and raise the limit
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Re: Apple M1 3D View Quick Dmx

Postby support » 26 August 2021, 21:13

Please keep in mind that the hardware of the Mac M1 is not compatible with the hardware of the previous Macbook & Mac Mini computers. You can read this thread for more details: ... =10&t=6901.

Please post a link to download a zip of your lightshow, via wetransfer for instance. We will chack it.
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