I can't get my D512 to connect to ShowXpress

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Re: I can't get my D512 to connect to ShowXpress

Postby Jflo52 » 20 June 2017, 21:24

superdjcaz wrote:I have the same problem, I just got Xpress 512. The driver won't work on my pc (which I purchased solely for the purpose of using showXpress). The green PC LINK light won't turn on.I have the downloaded drivers & the ones that came on the CD, and nothing. When I try it on my macbook it works just fine. -I HATE PCs

I'm extremely frustrated with this product. I need help.

I had the same problem not getting the green light to blink and get the dmx going. Try this: open show express and go to preferences then go to GPS tab and scroll down to a location that is nearest you. I choose usa california los angeles and everything began working from that point on. As soon as I plug in the dongle i get a blue light on it. The green light next to it blinks when the dmx is working. If it doesn't blink green follow the steps above and see what happens. I'm on a mac running yosemite
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No PC Link on Xpress512 (TheLightingController) Mac

Postby AAE-tech » 17 November 2017, 02:28


(My XpressFigured it out! In Preferences, you have to go to the DMX universes tab, and uncheck the option 'Change default DMX universe mapping'. No idea why it was checked. I must have accidentally checked it when I was activated my MIDI options. I hope this helps!!



I've seen similar issues on this thread, but none specific to my problem. I am running the latest version of MacOS(HighSierra) and the latest version of ShowXPress. I have a Mac and PC, but use my Mac for light shows. I've done about 10 lightshows, when all of a sudden, the PC Link on my Xpress 512 stopped blinking when connected to my laptop. There is no DMX signal going to my fixtures. The Xpresss512 powers up, and the ShowXpress program recognizes that it is connected to the Xpress512, but no blinking PC link. I've tried different USB ports, a new USB cord, and restarted my machine more than once. Closed the program and reopened a few times, and a combination of all these things.

I've tested it on my PC and it works fine. Full DMX connection. But I, for the life of me, can't get it it to work on my Mac. Please help!

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Re: I can't get my D512 to connect to ShowXpress

Postby support » 17 November 2017, 08:21

Could you please do the following test, with your Mac computer ?
- close our software
- in your software folder, rename the file "efk_usb.dylib" by "efk_usb OLD.dylib"
- download the attached zip file, unzip it, and copy the extracted file "efk_usb.dylib" in your software folder
(the goal is to test a new librarie "efk_usb.dylib")
- run the software and tell us the result

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