Problem with pages drop down menu [fixed]

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Problem with pages drop down menu [fixed]

Postby djb_554 » 22 June 2020, 06:05

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is well during the recent events around the world.

Sorry if this has already been covered but I've searched the forum for over an hour with no luck.

So, I've not encountered this problem before but I'm now working on a project which will have lots of fixtures, tabs and I'm using a lot more pages in the Buttons window. Because I have 10+ 'pages' I can't seem to scroll down to select ones out of reach on the screen. I've tried this on Windows and Mac, Smaller screens and Larger ones.

How can I scroll down to select a page further down in the list on the bottom row? I've tried the wheel on a mouse, 2 fingers on the MacBook track pad and swiping up with a touchscreen windows tablet.

This is on QuickDMX latest version. Have tired on ShowXpress too with the same results.

First Screen Shot shows the whole menu. The second Screen Shot shows the bottom row menu. I can't scroll down or view it properly. You can 'just about' select a page and tap down with the arrows on a keyboard but it's a bit of a guessing game. I've not had this issue before with older versions I don't think - I've done some much bigger programmes without this issue.

I really hope I'm not being stupid on this one - I've used the programme for many years now. :roll:

Such a simple issue but a real pain in the bum for me at the moment! :lol:

Help please! :(
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Re: Pages drop down menu

Postby Niffo » 24 June 2020, 11:41

Fixed for next fix file (9.2.21).
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Re: Pages drop down menu

Postby support » 24 June 2020, 14:46

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