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Auto BPM

PostPosted: 19 October 2017, 19:06
by djlivewire
Hi everyone

i have seen this posted a few times but most of the conversations are quite old , i use macosx and can't use auto bpm only manual, i know this works on windows

is there a new version with this or can is there a midi controller not too expensive that i can plug in audio ,

as a dj i just want some things (colour or shutter) to change to the beat , pressing the drum can't be done while mixing

any help is appreciated

Re: Auto BPM

PostPosted: 20 October 2017, 09:06
by support
We understand the difficulty to press the "drum" button while mixing, but unfortunately the real time bpm analyse is not accurate enough.
So far, all lighting software have the same problem, and all work around it with the "drum" button.

Please note also that there is a new beta (no GUI menu but working) "midi clock to BPM" function. Please read this: ... =76&t=4260 .

Re: Auto BPM

PostPosted: 24 October 2017, 12:17
by djlivewire
Thank you support , do i need any hardware to connect the audio output of the mixer to the laptop running the lighting program

Many thanks

Re: Auto BPM

PostPosted: 25 October 2017, 08:52
by support
We do not understand this question.
So far, it has nothing to do with the "midi clock to bpm" feature, and our software does not manage sound under MacOS.

Re: Auto BPM

PostPosted: 25 October 2017, 10:35
by SeekLighting
Hey DJ livewire, as support is saying, Midi clock has nothing to do with audio. Midi clock takes the tempo information from MIDI signal and sends it to the BPM in showxpress. So let's say you are using your DJ program and the tempo is set to 128 BPM. Connect a MIDI cable from your dj system to your showxpress Mac (or use internal midi routing), then follow the instructions to code in the midi clock send that Support linked in his post :). This will then set your BPM in Showxpress to 128bpm, and the tempo in showxpress will change automatically to whatever tempo your DJ session stuff is set to (you'll have to forgive me I'm not a DJ so I'm not sure how that stuff works)
As Support said, this has nothing to do with audio, just MIDI signal :). It will accomplish what you are effectively trying to get the auto BPM to do

Re: Auto BPM

PostPosted: 03 November 2017, 20:27
by djlivewire
Hi guys , still trying to get a fix around this , i have connected my DDJ-SZ to my lighting mac set the midi in cahnnel to 1 , in showxpress under the live settings tab i have set the BPM/drum in to device 1 channel all , why does this not work ?

Im new to midi so sorry for not understanding straight away

My setup is two macbook pro , one running serato dj with a pioneer ddj sz , the other mac is running showxpress

Thanks to everyone trying to help me out

Re: Auto BPM

PostPosted: 23 November 2022, 21:10
by rvanscoyk
Has this problem been solved in the last few years? I would love to use Auto BPM on a mac if it's an option. I play audio from Spotify, and can use BlackHole to route the audio into ShowXpress if there's a way to do so. For my pre-planned light shows I use MIDI commands from Logic, but I like to have other songs run some sound active programs and don't want to have to tap in the tempo each time the song changes.

Re: Auto BPM

PostPosted: 23 November 2022, 21:34
by support
Solved for the next major version of our software.