Mac Users: Version 7.1.8 vs Version 8.2.18 ?

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Mac Users: Version 7.1.8 vs Version 8.2.18 ?

Postby BrioniFaith » 28 May 2017, 14:29

Hi everyone,

I've been reading through a lot of posts and have noticed a few people going back to 7.1.8 over 8.2.18 due to several issues, particularly Mac OS users using El Capitan (which I am as well).

Looking for an update on whether this is still a good move, or if other Mac users (on El Capitan) have found 8.2.18 to be fine?

If the previous version is the better move, or worth a try - can someone please post a link to download it in this thread?
Is this available anywhere for new users?

Thank you!
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