Live Button Selection failure [fixed]

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Live Button Selection failure [fixed]

Postby pwmoore5588 » 14 January 2019, 21:33


I am currently running showXpress V9.1.9 on my Mac Operating system High Sierra V 10.13.6.

When I go to Live and try to change Boards from the default 1 to any number, a popup comes on my screen asking me to import a light show from a drop down menu. Nothing crashes but I am only able to show 1 board on the screen so doing complete shows is a chore as I have to move between each board by selecting in the drop down. Any suggestions on what might be happening and potential solutions?
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Re: Mac High Sierra Live Button Selection failure

Postby support » 15 January 2019, 09:37

The Lighting Controller
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Re: Live Button Selection failure [fixed]

Postby pwmoore5588 » 15 January 2019, 14:07


I download and unzipped the two files but when I try to replace existing, it does not work.

When I drag the file onto the showXpress Folder on my desktop, I am asked the question do I want to replace old file with new and I answer yes. When I look into this folder afterwards, the old files are still there with no changes.

Any suggestions or links on how to replace these files in Mac? I really appreciate the help.
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Re: Live Button Selection failure [fixed]

Postby talkwithbryan » 18 May 2019, 03:59

Hey pwmoore5588,

I assume you figured it out back in January, but for anyone who comes across this thread and needs the same info, and since the hardest thing for me about switching PC to Mac was the utter simplicity (wait - it actually works in that user-friendly way with only one step instead of four??!?) I bump this old thread. My apologies for that.

I had the same issue where the new programs would not overwrite the old. So I deleted the old and put the new in their place.

Yes, replacing a program file is that easy.

Too easy for us former-and-still-using-PC-for-other-stuff types.

I hope that helps someone, sometime.

EDIT: Now to get through that library error that comes next.
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